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Our Doodle Price

The price is for Pet Home only and it's under a Non-Breeding Agreement!

F1 Aussiedoodle/Standard and Medium


F1   Goldendoodle/Standard/Medium

Parti-Colored                                     $3,000

Abstract                                              $3,300

Tuxedo                                                $3,500

Merles                                                 $3,800

F1 B  Goldendoodle/Standard/Medium

Parti-Colored                                      $3,000

Abstract                                               $3,300

Tuxedo                                                 $3,500

Merles                                                  $3,800

F1BB, F2B  Multigen Goldendoodle/Standard/Medium

Parti-Colored                                      $3,200

Abstract                                               $3,300

Tuxedo                                                 $3,500

Merles                                                   $3,800

All  Mini Goldendoodle     $3,200-$3,,500

Bernedoodle/ Standard

Parti Colors                                          $3,300

Tri-Colors                              $3,950-$4,500

Parti-Merles                           $3,850-$4,050

Tri-Merles                               $4,500-$4,950


 Parti-Colors                                             $3,500  

Tri-Colors                                  $4,150-$4,650

Parti-Merles                             $3,850-$4,250

Tri-Merle s                               $4,500-$5,000


Parti-Colos                                             $3,700

Tri-Colors                                $4,200-$4,650

Parti-Merles                             $3,850-$4,350

Tri-Merles                                $4,600-$5,200

Bernedoodle/Micro Mini

Parti-Colors                                        $3,800

Tri-Colors                             $4,250-$4,750

Parti-Merless                        $4,150-$4,350

Tri-Merle                                $4,800-$5,600

Multigen Bernedoodle All Sizes

For all colors and sizes        $4,350-$5,700

Standard Poodle

Parti-Colors                                               $2,800

Tri-Colors                                                    $3,950

Abstracts                                                    $3,200

Tuxedos                                                       $3,500

Merles                                         $4,500-$5,000

Bernedoodle's Generations 

F 1  --- The 1st generation of Bernedoodle has 50% Bernese Mountain Dog and 50% Poodle. The F 1 s will have a wavy coat with little to no shedding. Great for people who love the Bernese Mountain Dog but want to avoid all the hair & shedding!

F 1 B  --- The 2nd generation of Bernedoodle has 75% Poodle and 25% Bernese. The F 1 Bs will have a curly or wavy coat that is non-shedding. They are a good choice for people who has allergies in the family.

Multigen  --- A Teddy Bear Bernedoodle is a  Bernedoodle who comes from the Bernedoodle parents. (Excluding F2)

Standard Size           55-75 lbs and up

Mini Size            30-50 lbs       

Micro Mini            20-30 lbs         


A first-generation Mini Bernedoodle came from a Bernese Mountain Dog and a Mini Poodle. Due to this fact, please be advised that sizes can vary and there may be puppies that fall above or below the projected full-grown weight within any litter. Puppies can favor either parent in weight, looks, and stature and it is important to remember that the full-grown weight is only an estimate and not a guarantee.            

Due to the complexity of genetics, we cannot guarantee size or weight.

In order to give you our puppy, we need to learn a little about your family.  Please click the link below and filling out an application, so we will match your request to find a puppy that is best for your family!  

By clicking the link below to fill out puppy application.        


A $400 non-refundable deposit through Venmo, Zelle


hold your spot, this deposit will go towards the total amount.

and the remaining need to pay off 5 days before pickup day,

Cash, Venmo, Zelle, and Gooddog's payment methods only

Sky Nanny costs $750-$1,200 for most locations.

We hire Puppy Nanny to deliver your baby only!

No Ground Shipping for young puppies!

Air Cargo only if direct flight is available.

A new owner goodie bag to begin with your new family member's journey..

The price is for "Pet Home Only" and it's under a Non-Breeding Agreement 

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