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Behind every beautiful puppy is a Breeder 

Please remember your breeder!

A breeder will get their hands dirty. often covered in everything accompanied with birthing. Because that's what life is about.. A breeder will do tests, X-rays, analysis, emergency, vaccinations, research pedigrees, register litters, de-worm, microchip their puppies and get them evaluated by specialists. 

A true breeder chooses who they sell to, because they are not making money off the sale. there is no compensation that can offset the investment a breeder has made, so they need to be confident it's the right fit. Many times saying no's than yes. 

Breeding is not a responsibility to ever be taken lightly, it's a lifestyle choice set aside for only the few devoted people willing to sacrifice.


a dog is never just a pet, it's the breeder's legacy, 

a little boy's best friend, a little girl's protector, 

an elderly person's therapy, a member of the family, 

And, someone's whole world!

                                                                                                                                              Written in Part By: Sr. Eduardo Loredo Muller

 Robin Myrman                                                   San Diego, California 

I knew we found the right spot when I saw the videos of all these puppies trying to climb the stairs! I was looking for a happy, healthy puppy raised in a home and our Bernedoodle Teddy is absolutely wonderful. Such a great temperament and I was given such good instructions when I picked him up on his schedule, what he was eating ... just an excellent experience all around!!!                                       08/18/2020

Brian and Kalin Le                                                            Oc, California  

We reached out to Sophie to look for a companion with a fun and loving temperament. We are extremely happy we went with teddydoodlesnstandardpoodles for our Bernadoodle mix. We picked up our puppy from such a nurturing home and was sent off with everything we needed to make sure our new family member was taken care of: schedules for vaccines, instructions for puppy food and training, even small gifts for treats! Sophie the breeder really cares for every single puppy she raises as if they were her own, and it really shows. She offers continuing support and keeps in contact if you ever need any thing or have any questions. We absolutely love our new dog, and continued love and communication from Teddy Doodles!                           08/19/2020

Vieux Family                                                        San Diego, California 

We cannot say enough positive things about our breeder! Sophie has a true love for these sweet dogs and it shows in all she does. Our experience with her has been professional, loving, informative and caring every step of the way. Our puppy is happy, healthy and well adjusted with an amazing disposition. Our wonderful Bernedoodle puppy has added joy, fun and neverending love to our home. We are so thankful for you, Sophie!         08/20/2020

Tina Guo                                             Las Vegas, Nevada

Our Goldendoodle, Pizza and Standard Poodle, Bagel are the joys of our life!!! They truly are our fur-children, and working with Teddy Doodles for both babies was extremely professional, efficient, thorough, and a wonderful experience all around. Both dogs are healthy and happy, with amazing personalities and they love other pups and humans equally- great socialization. Before we moved to Las Vegas, we even dropped off the pups for babysitting a couple times, and loved attending Pizza's birthday reunion at the park with all of her siblings! I really appreciate the care and obvious passion for these beautiful puppies- Teddy Doodles is 100% top level in every way. Thank you so much!                                               05/20/2020

Sam Werboff                                               San Francisco, California  

I did plenty of research when deciding where I wanted to get my Bernedoodle, and from the start it was clear Sophie took the job in a serious and loving way. She was communicative throughout the process and has even stayed in touch after I brought my puppy home to help me with medical questions, training tips, etc. I could not be happier with my puppy and with my experience!                                                                                                                         07/31/2020

Rachel Neubs                                                 Los Angeles , California 

We has the most incredible experience with Sophie and Teddy Doodles. We found her online by luck and got one of her last remaining Goldendoodle puppies. It was clear she loved and took such care of all the puppies and the whole litter was full of well adjusted, sweet little balls of fur. Once we took Rooster home, Sophie and I kept touch on Instagram. She even through Rooster’s litter a first birthday party where we got to meet all her siblings and their families. Overall, I can’t say enough about the experience. I have the absolute best dog and I’m thankful to call Sophie a friend.                                                                                   08/08/2020

Kari Acevedo                                                         Northridge California  

I cannot say enough about my experience with Sophie and Teddy Doodles!  At the beginning of the COVID National Emergency, I began looking for a new puppy. I was very fortunate to find Sophie on the internet and she spent several hours educating me about the Bernedoodles breed. From that moment on, I knew she was the breeder for me.  Sophie truly LOVES all of her dogs and puppies and take such wonderful care of them. My new puppy is adorable, happy, and healthy and has an amazing personality. I could not be happier with this experience and completely recommend Sophie and Teddy Doodles!


Jennifer Treacy                                                        Redondo Beach, California 

We had nothing but an amazing experience with Sophie and Teddy Doodles. Our Frankie girl is just shy of one years old and Sophie and I are still in contact. She is passionate about her work, and her families she places her dogs with. Everyone asks where we got Frankie because she literally is a one or a kind dog! We highly recommend Teddy Doodles, and are so thankful for our experience and our girl! We won’t go anywhere else!. 09/06/2020

Lynne Winkelman                                                Las Vegas, Nevada

My daughter has a doodle, Zoey, and what a wonderful dog! Yep, you guessed it, I had to have one also!!! I was able to find Sophie Bost, and what a find I received! I adopted Honey Buns when she was 5 months old, but couldn’t pick her up as I’d broken my wrist just 2 weeks earlier. Bless Sophie, we arranged a drop off!!! I live in Las Vegas, and they brought Honey to my house!!! She has been such a blessing! She is one of the sweetest dogs I’ve ever had! I adopted Kona 14 years ago, and Honey and she play as if Kona is a puppy! Keeping her young! I have just given Honey her first groom, (she was a mess!!!) and now she is sooo beautiful (it was hard to wait)! I love, love this dog!! Everyone should have one! Thank you Sophie!!!                                                          09/18/2020

Karishma Singh                                  San Francisco, California

We adopted Kylo (Formerly known as Prince) from Teddy Doodles and it was such a blessing. My little guy was so shy and beautiful. He was healthy and curious. Sophie did such an amazing job with the communication that it made me feel so safe and supported. Even before I got my pup, she answered all of my questions. She was like a 24/7 customer support that help my anxiety of adding a new family member to my home. And once we got the puppy, she helped me through all the little hiccups and vet appointments. I am grateful that I had found someone that cared for her pups in and out of her home. You can truly feel the love from her. I had an amazing experience and would recommend her to anyone that is looking to adopt. 

Heike Althaus                                                       San Diego, California

After suffering a stroke, I decided I needed a dog to help me through the aftermath and recovery. I have done extensive research and found Sophie's TeddyDoodles. Sophie was transparent in every aspect and answered every question no matter how silly it may have been. The day I brought Rupert (then Oscar) home, my life changed for the better. He has the mellowest disposition and is just a crack-up to be around. Sophie's choice in parents is stellar, as the puppies are a perfect blend of good health, great attitude and beautiful looks. Her care reflects in the puppies she raises before they go to their new homes, and even after the gotcha day, Sophie is always available for questions or just a chat.

Minnie Harway                                                          Capitola California 

We waited 8 years to adopt another puppy and it was so worth it. Sophie loves her puppies and their parents and it truly shows. We came home with a beautiful, funny, loyal and healthy little bernedoodle puppy. We realized how much we needed him in our family. Sophie communicated with us frequently , gave us specific instructions, provided all the important paperwork/health history; and plenty of puppy necessities to take home (travel crate, bed, bowl, leash, harness, etc...) and still continued to do follow ups. So happy with everything!!!

Yahaira Plata                                                               N. Los Angeles

Adding a fourlegged family member was NOT easy, but Sophie provided us all the best information and we are so so happy we decided to bring home our Bernedoodle. Freddy has the perfect temperament for our family and we get compliments on what a beautiful dog he is all the time. Freddy is only 5 months old, but he is already such a big part of our family!

Payton Brazil                                                        San Diego, California

Teddys Doodles gave us our sweet little Peach and we are forever grateful! She is so happy and friendly with the prettiest apricot color coat. Peach has never met a sock or a treat she doesn’t like. Love her to death and couldn’t ask for a better breeder to work with.

Keith Johnson                                            Brooklyn, New York

We really can't express how elated we were to find Sophie.

Sophie is second to none. The first time we spoke with Sophie, we were certain we'd found the right breeder. Her compassion, knowledge, and obvious love for her dogs and puppies was obvious. Throughout the year we waited for our Bernedoodle, she kept us updated, answered all of our questions, and was always a step ahead of us. We were flying into LA from NY to bring our puppy home, and she made the entire process effortless. Breeding isn't a job for Sophie, it's a passion, and it shows in every way with our puppy.

Our first nights home with our puppy were nearly perfect. The training and care Sophie put into the first weeks of our puppy's life meant we were starting from a great place and could begin an incredibly successful life with our little fur baby.

Sophie's simply the best. We couldn't recommend her and Teddy Doodles more highly.

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